Emilien Badoux

Name: Emilien Badoux
Place of residence: Champsec
Sports: Freeride snowboarding, surfing and yoga

His best results in snowboarding:

1998 and 1999: Swiss Junior Half-Pipe Champion
2002: 1st at the World Heli Challenge in New Zealand
2014: Freeride Snowboard World Champion
2015: Vis-World Champion in Freeride Snowboarding - X-Treme in Verbier

"Always looking for a new challenge, he fully dedicates himself to freeride from 2012 by joining the FWT! And it works. In 2014, Emilien was crowned World Freeride Snowboard Champion at the Verbier X-Treme. His childhood dream became reality and it was then that he decided to pass on his knowledge to the younger generation.
Emilien Badoux.

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